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Who is Gentium

With over 25 years of hands-on experience in international go-to-market strategies, distance management, brand, and corporate strategy, I'm Steen Elgaard, the visionary founder of Gentium.

Gentium has evolved significantly since its inception in 2006. Beginning as DanCan Consulting, headquartered in Oakville, Canada, we later relocated to Denmark in 2014 and rebranded as Gentium.

At Gentium, we take immense pride in being your steadfast partner on the journey to achieving sales excellence.

Our approach is built upon Four distinct pillars:

  • Team Intelligence Workshops & Lectures:

With years of expertise in fostering cohesive teams, Gentium provide specialized training combined with comprehensive personal analysis (DISC®) designed to harness collective intelligence and secure a sense of shared responsibility in the workplace. Our interactive workshops are tailored to fortify your team’s collaboration skills, ensuring they are well-equipped to thrive in any business environment. By emphasizing active listening and mutual understanding, we aim to transform your workforce into an intuitive unit that excels in leadership and communication.

  • Sales Intelligence Workshops and Lectures:

Gentium specializes in crafting international sales and channel strategies that open doors to global markets. Our lectures on this subject provide valuable insights to your team. We are your compass in navigating complex international landscapes, helping you expand your reach effectively.

  • Distance Management Consulting & Lectures:

Gentium specializes in bridging the gaps that distance can create within a team. When you partner with us, we meticulously craft a customized action plan that not only dovetails with your unique goals but also focuses on building a cohesive team dynamic, despite geographical barriers. Our strategic approach emphasizes efficient, responsible, and independent work environments where distance is an asset, not an obstacle. Through our expert guidance on distance management, your team will be empowered to operate with a strong sense of unity and self-direction, ensuring that your organizational objectives are met with unwavering precision and collective expertise.

  • Comprehensive Consulting and Lectures:

Our consultancy services span the gamut from strategic planning to data-driven recommendations rooted in consumer trends and behaviors. Beyond consulting, I provide lectures that share actionable insights. We are your partners in building a robust and results-oriented sales strategy.

Our commitment at Gentium is unwavering – we cultivate efficient and results-driven relationships with our clients. We collaborate with you to ensure that your plan is executed efficiently, with an unwavering focus on success.

Discover how Gentium's visionary approach, complemented by my impactful lectures in multicultural leadership, international sales strategy, and comprehensive consulting, can revolutionize your business. .

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Gentium mission is to help clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their sales performance and to offer strategic advice how to  develop, motivate, and retain exceptional people.

We design your progress to Transition.


Always stay true to our fundamental values, core competencies and what is best for our clients as we continue to learn and adapt.

Gentium vision is to maintain an honest approach,


We will always be looking for new ways to improve or adapt your business for success, and continue to be recognized as a creative and result driven consultancy, that passionately designs and delivers innovative solutions

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