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Extended DISC® profiling tool,

At Gentium, we specialize in the Extended DISC® profiling tool, which serves as a cornerstone in unraveling individual tendencies and forging stronger team and leadership dynamics.


In our interactive sessions, whether one-on-one or in group settings, Extended DISC® acts as a catalyst for:

  • Elevating self-perception

  • Enhancing the quality of peer-to-peer conversations

  • Fostering a culture of effective teamwork

  • Deepening the comprehension of diverse personality traits

  • Pinpointing individual capabilities and areas ripe for growth

  • Navigating and resolving conflicts with finesse

  • Catalyzing employee engagement and satisfaction

 Each letter in the acronym DISC represents a distinct personality trait:

  1. D (Dominance): This trait reflects how an individual addresses problems and challenges. People with high D scores are often very active in dealing with challenges and are typically very direct, assertive, and to the point. They are decisive and competitive, often preferring to lead rather than follow.

  2. I (Influence): This trait illustrates how a person interacts with others and tries to persuade them. Those with high I scores are usually very sociable, outgoing, and enthusiastic. They thrive on interactions with others, are optimistic, and like to collaborate.

  3. S (Steadiness): This aspect shows how a person responds to pace and consistency in their environment. Individuals with high S scores value stability and consistency. They are patient, good listeners, and typically excel in team environments due to their cooperative nature.

  4. C (Conscientiousness): This trait indicates how a person approaches rules, procedures, and details. High C individuals are focused on accuracy, quality, and are analytical and systematic in their approach. They are careful, adhere to standards and value precision in their work.

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