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How can I enrich your personal journey

Personal guidance based on own experience

Through Gentium, I offer a specialized consulting service for you who profoundly want to  influence the workplace culture by inspiring optimism, resilience, and motivation among team members.

This optimistic approach fosters a can-do attitude, encourages innovation, and promotes a supportive atmosphere where challenges are seen as opportunities for growth.


As a result, morale improves, employee engagement rises, and productivity flourishes, leading to a transformative shift in the organization's culture towards one of positivity and success.

I firmly believe that the lessons I have learned - both during my illness (read more below) and in rebuilding my life - can be invaluable to you, if you want to change the working culture and your own look on life.


Welcome to a unique perspective on self-confidence and courage

In 2017 I faced one of the biggest challenges of my life:

A diagnosis of stage 3 testicular and lymphatic cancer.

It was a time marked by both courage and vulnerability, a period which has been indelibly etched in my memory.

With raw strength and unwavering determination, of a decision to appreciate the life we have been given I hung on with everything I had to be present in the moment.

Every day I was in the cancer ward receiving intense chemotherapy, but I kept looking at everyday with a positive outlook, as I was not done living.

The after effects were brutal - a constant stream of nausea, flu-like symptoms, debilitating sweats, and soreness in every fiber of my body.

With the feeling of rejection and uncertainty  I found strength in the deep relationships around me, learned mental resilience and regained an unshakable confidence even when the odds seemed insurmountable

This journey was not just a struggle for life, but a transformation into a more conscious self and with a new view of humanity, as I am a true believer that being positive makes you lucky - it's not something we are born with, it's a choice we make.. I am lucky


Overcoming through exercise and mental strength

During my treatment, I found strength in exercising on my bike, an act that symbolized more than just physical exercise. It was a fight for life, a fight to keep my identity and my strength.

At the same time, I did everything to find something positive every day to share with my friends on a closed FB group, to remind myself of the joy of life.

This experience gave me a unique perspective on how physical health and mental well-being are deeply connected.

A year after my treatment, I participated as an actor in a theater and led a cycling team on a 1400 km journey from Hadsten to Paris. The performances and the bike ride were not only a physical feat, but also a demonstration of leadership, endurance and renewed confidence.

Services offered:

  • Personal guidance:

One-to-one session where together we explore ways to change your attitude and build confidence in others.

  •  Workshops and lectures:

Group sessions and presentations focused on overcoming trust issues and developing leadership skills.

  • Exercise and well-being advice:

Individually adapted programs that combine the importance of repetitive physical and mental exercises  .


The Next Step

If you are interested in learning more about how we can work together, or if you are simply looking for a conversation partner who understands what you are struggling with, you are more than welcome to contact me. Together we can explore how you can transform your challenges into steps on the path to personal success and change.
I look forward to sharing my story with you and more importantly, becoming a part of yours.

Best regards
Steen Elgaard

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