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 Workshops & Seminars

Empowering Excellence Through Immersive Learning

At Gentium, we believe in the power of knowledge and hands-on experience to transform individuals and organizations. Our workshops are designed to take you on a journey of growth, offering immersive learning experiences that inspire, educate, and elevate.

Whether you're a leader looking to strengthen your team, a sales professional aiming for international success, a manager adapting to remote work, or a business owner seeking AI-driven growth, explore our workshops and seminars taking the first step toward unlocking your business full potential and achieving excellence in your chosen field.

Our courses are centered around four core pillars, integrating Jung's theories, using the Extended DISC® profiling tool.


Gentium's profiling approach not only aids in recognizing individual personality traits but also fosters a deeper connection within teams, ultimately enhancing collective performance and interpersonal relations.


Artificial intelligence (AI)  transforms traditional sales methods, bringing efficiency and personalization to new heights. AI tools can analyze vast amounts of data to identify trends, forecast sales, and  customer preferences. 

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SMART goals is a powerful tool for setting and achieving objectives both personal and professional. This framework encourages individuals to create goals that are clear and reachable within a specific timeframe.

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The "To Do Day Rhythm" is a holistic approach to organizing and enhancing your daily life, revolving around four key elements: Self, Work, Place, and People. This method encourages a balanced and fulfilling daily routine. 

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Our comprehensive on or off site team building courses are expertly designed to strengthen team bonds, enhance communication, increase personal responsibility and boost overall productivity and morale. 

What to expect?

  • Expert Facilitators:

Our workshops and seminars are led by Steen Elgaard, a seasoned international executive, and other industry experts, who will tailor each program to you.

  • Practical Learning:

We focus on practical, hands-on learning that can be immediately applied in your professional life, and into your business.


  • Inspiration:

Our programs not only impart knowledge but also inspire you to think innovatively and reach new heights of success.


  • Realistic Perspective:

We understand the diversity of the different industries and tailor our programs to address the challenges and opportunities to your world.

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