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Team & Sales Development

Create a Stronger Future!

Gentium delve into the importance of inclusion and diversity in the workplace and how leading remotely can participate to building a more resilient and successful business.


Using DISC® we explore how diversity in thoughts, experiences, and backgrounds can transform your company, to improve your sales strategy, boosting productivity, and enhance your competitiveness"

Harness the Power of Wisdom & Motivation



Knowledge and inspiration are the cornerstones of growth and success. 

Our dynamic lecture series are meticulously designed to empower individuals and organizations across the globe.


Our lecture series revolves around four key pillars:

  1. Multi Cultured Leadership

  2. Build a robust Int. Strategy 

  3. Leading from Distance

  4. Using AI for Sales Excellence



Dive into our concise, impactful workshops designed for today's fast-paced business environment.


Unleash the potential of your team with practical team development strategies, escalate your sales game to master the art of closing deals, and discover effective techniques for leading your team, even from afar.


Our workshops offer immersive learning experiences that inspire, educate, and elevate.



Whether you're seeking strategic guidance, looking for collaborative opportunities, or aiming to optimize your business with AI-driven solutions, Gentium  is your trusted partner.


Join us in the pursuit of business excellence through strategic partnerships. Explore our consulting and collaboration services and take the first step toward elevating your business to new heights

Unlocking Global Excellence

My name is Steen Elgaard

I have spent the last  25-years working with International      Go-to-market, distance management, brand & corporate strategy.

I am the founder of Gentium.

When you engage with Gentium, we collaborate closely to craft a tailored action plan that aligns with your goals.

Our unique perspective and vision provide you with insight and inspiration to how you can find new ways to achieving your objectives.

Lou Gerstner, former CEO of IBM, in his wonderful book

"Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance?"  has said:

“I came to see that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game – it is the game.

Discover how Gentium's visionary approach to Multicultural leadership training, international sales strategy, and comprehensive consulting can support your business culture. 

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